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The SPARK Co-lab Design Course was established in 2016 by SPARK Co-lab based on the Biodesign model, and in 2017 it was funded by Accelerating Australia Stage 1.

In 2018, the Perth Biodesign course was founded as an initiative of Accelerating Australia Stage 2. Inspired by what the SPARK Co-lab Design Course had started, the Perth Biodesign course has further adapted the Biodesign model, leveraging input from many domain experts across the sector and learnings brought back by the current Directors of Perth Biodesign from their 6 months of training at Stanford University.

Over the 4 years, the courses have trained 106 aspiring biomedical entrepreneurs and created 22 biomedical technology opportunities. 

The Directors of Perth Biodesign, Dr Matthew Oldakowski and Intan Oldakowska, are experienced biomedical engineers and entrepreneurs themselves, having co-founded one device on the consumer market and two more currently gaining investor funding.

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