In Australia, over 310,000 presentations to public Australia emergency departments (EDs) were mental health-related, which is 3.8% of all presentations. The rates of intentional self-harm hospitalizations are consistently high for young people aged 15-24 with mood disorders including depression. Unfortunately, there is little follow-up support after ED discharge resulting in readmissions to the ED and an increased risk of suicide attempts. People experience the period right after discharge as stressful and chaotic, feeling left in the dark with no information and support. 

This is why we developed Bunji, a digital companion for people with lived mental health experiences. The app Bunji provides 24/7 access to information and support immediately post-discharge. This AI assistant is able to interact with the patient and provide answers to questions, book appointments with community mental health services and link them to peers. Bunji pro-actively reaches out to the user and with a daily check-in, early signs of relapse can be noticed.  

Why should the ED be the default way of entering the health care system, while there is more appropriate care just around the corner? Bunji is there to connect you to the right care in the community.  

Team Members

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Ayomide Ogundipe

Pharmacy Practice, Digital Health Transformation

Ayomide is an early career pharmacist with experience in community pharmacy, policy and advocacy, teaching and research. Ayomide has successfully coordinated and introduced a number of innovative programs and services to her practice, including the Your Health Expo for the Pharmacy 777 Group, demonstrating her capability in project coordination. Notably, her passion, organisation skills and professional reputation have earned her a national award, the 2019 MIMS PSA Intern Pharmacist of the Year. Passionate about digital health transformation, Ayomide is determined to make a meaningful contribution to the Pharmacy profession and is currently researching the technological needs of pharmacists to enable contemporary pharmacy practice in current and emerging roles.

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Joel Tan


Joel caught the research bug while majoring in public health in 2006. Since then, his primary focus has been on quantitative epidemiological research. Joel has had the opportunity to lead research projects in the areas of sleep health, food safety risk assessments and oral health. He recently developed and launched a kids ministry program and is presently dividing his time between the program and part-time study in chronic illness.

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Marcus Voola

Clinical Audiologist

Marcus is currently completing his PhD at the University of Western Australia, on track to finish in November 2022. Whilst completing his PhD, Marcus has also been working as a clinical audiologist throughout Perth’s major tertiary hospitals – specialising in the diagnosis and rehabilitation of patients with vestibular disorders. In addition, he has also been working as the Operations and Strategy Lead at a crypto-currency start-up.  Throughout all his experiences, Marcus has developed his understanding of what it takes to maintain successful relationships and how to tackle complex challenges

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Renee S. J. Tan

Community Pharmacist

Renee is a pharmacist with over 13 years of experience in various community pharmacies in WA. Throughout her career, Renee has taken on pharmacist in charge and managerial roles through which she has developed strong interpersonal and leadership skills. In addition, Renee is also the founder of Connect Flow Australia, a start-up which aims to improve communication within the healthcare industry by digitally bringing together the various healthcare providers. She is looking forward to pursing the next step in her professional development by increasing her involvement in the digital health space and taking on opportunities in that space.

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Babette Zwaard

Product Owner eHealth
Human Movement Science

Babette Zwaard is from the Netherlands. After graduating from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam with a MSc in Human Movement Science in 2018, she started her career as a clinical researcher at a Medtech start-up developing a medical device for Parkinson’s patients. A year ago, Babette started as Product Owner eHealth at a company developing exergames to stimulate the elderly and people in rehabilitation to exercise. As such, although she has already gained some experience in the field of health innovations, Babette is keen to be involved from the first stage of product development and learn more about design thinking, prototyping and business development.


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Charles Poulsen

Healthcare CTO
Microsoft Australia

Charles Poulsen has been at Microsoft for over 7 years focusing on healthcare, human services, education and government. He currently works in Microsoft Australia’s healthcare team as the national CTO. Charles works with Microsoft industry executives, customers, and partners to help them meet their business objectives using Microsoft technology. Prior to Microsoft, Charles spent many years in solution architecture, consulting and development covering technologies like integration, security, integration and app development platforms.

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Katerina Andronis

Chief Technology Officer

Katerina Andronis is a senior IT and Change Management  professional, Katerina has contributed her expertise to leading organisations as an industry advisor and consultant in the development and delivery of multi-million dollar and leading edge business and process initiatives.

Katerina's experience extends across IT, Patient and Clinical Management, Research and developing road maps for innovative organisational change. Katerina identifies business and clinical processes, evaluate the core priorities of the organisation, and develop an implementation strategy all based on present and future technologies which support and enables the business.

Katerina has an extensive IT background with knowledge and has a depth of knowledge of best business practice and information management in Health Care. Katerina is an industry advisor, consultant, analyst and manager, team builder and leader. She facilitates cooperation and collaboration, with a global network of resources, and incorporates people development and succession planning in all of her activities. Her previous roles include CIO of Ramsay Health Care hospitals, Peter Mac Callum Cancer and 10 years as a Director, Health Life Science and Health Care Industry,, Deloitte in Melbourne.  Currently working as the Chief Technology Officer for Beamtree (formerly Potential(x)) and consultant for Abano Health Care.

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Tudor Groza

Phenomics Team Lead
European Bioinformatics Institute

Tudor Groza is a Computer Scientist with 15 years experience and a PhD in representing and processing structured knowledge in the precision medicine domain. His work spans across various dimensions of the research - clinical care continuum, from devising algorithms to support clinical decision-making in the rare disorders field, to standardisation of clinical terminology (in the context of the Undiagnosed Diseases Network – International or the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health) and integration with national public and private health systems.


A particular area of interest is computational phenotyping in rare disorders – where Tudor's work aims to improve the diagnostic odyssey of rare disorder patients. He has developed algorithms to gain a deeper understanding of the triumvirate phenotype – gene – disease and applied them to disease exploration or patient stratification in primary care. In addition, he is the main developer of several innovative platforms for clinical deep phenotyping and knowledge curation, currently used in production around the world.

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Simon Thuijs

Senior Consultant
Digital Strategy & Organisational Behaviour


Simon is a Senior Consultant at Deloitte, where he leads Innovation for the Human Capital Consulting team. He helps ideate, design, launch and manage software that supports consulting teams – bringing people from across disciplines to make that happen.


He’s experienced in the creative communications and digital strategy industry, having worked for Meerkats (now Wunderman Thompson) and The Brand Agency. There he led teams to implement new websites, select and implement technology systems, and design user-led experiences for customers. He was Young Strategist of the Young (ADMA; Australia) and WA’s Supernova of the Year in 2018.


He’s also an avid hockey player, and a Provisional Psychologist. He’s doing his Master of Organisational Psychology at UWA and completing a professional placement in BHP’s Global Mental Health team.


Mental ill health is both an area of interest and lived experience for Simon. He comes with passion and real-world insight into the structure of the health system, evidence-based practice, and best approaches to customer experience.