Connecting PhD Researchers to Industry

iPREP Biodesign

A Collaboration Between Perth Biodesign & iPREP WA

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Building  innovation capacity
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Harnessing research
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High calibre
PhD candidates
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Progressive industry

Our Program

 The iPREP Biodesign program is a newly established initiative between Perth Biodesign and iPREP WA. It provides PhD candidates an industry engagement opportunity and training on Biodesign methodology, and industry with access to research expertise to stimulate growth and innovation. The program networks across the Graduate Research Schools of The University of Western Australia, Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University and Notre Dame University.

iPREP WA is the only established program in Australia with the unique attributes of using multidisciplinary teams of PhD students to work on industry-defined problems with clear benefits to universities, students and industry. Coupled with specialised training on Perth Biodesign methodology, the program attracts high calibre PhD candidates with a vision to grow Australia's industry sector through the translation of research.


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Our Mission


To improve the sustainability and competitiveness of Australian industries 

To give graduates a competitive advantage across a broad range of future career paths in industry 


Help bridge the 'industry-research divide' by linking the abilities of research students to the development needs of industries   

Our Team


Michelle Luca

iPREP Biodesign Program Coordinator

Michelle is the Biomedical Innovation Program Manager, responsible for managing the Perth Biodesign programs.


Michelle has 9+ years of experience in the Western Australian healthcare and education technology sectors. She completed a Bachelor of Pharmacy at Curtin University in 2010 and has worked across many public hospitals as a senior clinical pharmacist.


Michelle was formerly the Research Partnership and Engagement Manager at Cinglevue International, a research-led education technology solutions provider, responsible for advancing strategic research by enabling collaborative research initiatives with universities, research partners and stakeholders.


Michelle has also completed postgraduate qualifications in fitness, based on her strong personal interests in sport. Michelle’s broad range of work experience allows her to provide new and innovative perspectives in research, engagement, innovation, promotion and educational technology.

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Intan Oldakowska

Perth Biodesign Director

Intan is a biomedical engineer and entrepreneur focused on developing medical devices. A graduate of the University of Western Australia in Mechanical Engineering and Commerce, she is a Research Associate at Curtin University where her PhD studies have focused on developing a novel expandable orthopaedic screw, which has spun-out into REX Ortho.  She is also the co-founder and CEO of Cervical ChinUp. A SPARK Co-Lab Design Course 2016 alumnus, Intan spent time in the Otoinnovation Lab at Stanford University and observed the Stanford Biodesign Innovation classes, before returning to be Perth Biodesign's co-Course Director. She is also a lecturer at The University of Western Australia..

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Kevin Pfleger

Director Biomedical Innovation

Kevin is Director Biomedical Innovation at The University of Western Australia and MTPConnect WA Life Sciences Innovation Hub. He is also Deputy Director of the Australian Research Council Centre for Personalised Therapeutics Technologies, Chief Scientific Advisor to Dimerix and Chair of the Accelerating Australia Executive Committee. Kevin also serves on the Life Sciences WA Committee, the WA Branch Committee of AusBiotech and the Management Committee of the WA Health Translation Network. As Director Biomedical Innovation, Kevin oversees the Perth Biodesign program led by The University of Western Australia on behalf of a cross-sector consortium. 

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“iPREP Biodesign can provide an effective and low-risk pathway for bringing new employees into the organisation, where we get to see how a particular student functions within our working environment prior to potentially recruiting them as an employee”

- Dr Michael Garrett, Head of Research and Innovation, Cinglevue International

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"iPREP Biodesign has offered me not only the privilege to engage, challenge myself, and learn from an incredibly talented team of industry professionals, but also to connect with like-minded peers while receiving continuous training and support to build my career in innovation"

- Martina Mariano

Round 1 2021 Graduate

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The iPREP Biodesign program was initiated as a result of seed funding from the X-TEND WA program, New Industries Fund

The New Industries Fund is managed by the Department

of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation