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The mental health system is overwhelmed. GPs, Headspace centres and emergency departments are inundated and the healthcare workforce is dwindling and exhausted. With ~40,000 12-17 year olds in WA having a diagnosable mental health illness and 80% of these not receiving care,  experts have called for urgent action to tackle the nation’s deepening youth mental health crisis.  As teenagers push away from family to peers, parents lose confidence in communication, feeling lost and uncertain as they navigate a broken mental health system. With many parents considered “part of the problem”,  it is unsurprising that less than a third used services to help support their child. Parent help is often an addendum on mental health websites - making them feel like afterthoughts in their adolescents' struggle. 

Imagine a digital solution, revolutionising the journey for parents.  Removing uncertainty,  providing timely, targetted, fit-for-purpose support. With evidenced-based, clinically endorsed resources, our curated tools improve understanding and communication. Connecting with a support navigator provides that human connection guiding through the mental health miasma. With a shared passion for mental health and a deep awareness of the problem, our team puts the needs of parents first.  At Tria Health, we engage, support and empower the parents.

Team Members

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Anna Duong

Software Developer
Medical Imaging Data

Anna graduated from UWA with a bachelor in Software Engineering and Data Science and has since been working with Singular Health in improving personalised health care. To Anna it is always rewarding hearing the outcome of her work and the first hand experiences are what motivates her in this industry. Anna's biggest passion in life is to help improve the lives of others, whether it be by giving a smile with some kind words or by drastically improving their standard of living.

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Deirdre Criddle

Clinical Pharmacist and Researcher
Medication Management Across Care Transitions

Deirdre is an Advanced Practice Pharmacist

working in an interdisciplinary team as an outreach clinical pharmacist. She has 30 years’ experience working across various countries and healthcare settings, including academia, industry, primary care and hospital. She is passionate about improving medication management in vulnerable populationsthrough research and innovation. Deirdre believes a greater focus should be given to patient centred outcomes for meaningful healthcare reform.

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Reuben Wise-Miller

Business Development Manager
Business Development, Strategy, and Product Development

Reuben is an inquisitive and collaborative professional with skills in business development, product design, and strategy aquired through a range of professional and volunteer positions, and background in neuroscience, anatomy and human biology. With an initial focus on mental health, Reuben is currently working to identify critical needs and collaborate with mental health professionals to create a solution designed to improve client wellbeing and enhance clinical capabilities. Reuben’s future goal is to apply these understandings to create scaled solutions within wider healthcare. Reuben is the WA Business Development Manager at the global consulting company Lee Hecht Harrison, where he works directly with the managing director to execute the full sales and business development process from prospecting, closing sales, managing customer relationships, sales strategy, marketing, and event and course design.

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Tiziana Bufacchi

Senior Clinical Psychologist
Mental Health in Chronic Disease

Tiziana is a Senior Clinical Psychologist who works in a tertiary hospital with children, teens and families on mental health issues associated with having a chronic condition. Tiziana also worked for many years in Italy and Switzerland as Trainer for Health Professionals, running interactive workshops in Child Mental Health, Psychological Interventions in Chronic Disease and Patient Empowerment. She has a strong interest in Innovation in mental health and wellbeing of young people with T1D and her work is grounded in narrative and family therapy, attachment theory, patient engagement techniques and psychological interventions in T1D. She has a holistic and systemic approach and is interested in personalised medicine, digital health and mental health solutions to provide a better support to people with mental health issues, their families and for clinicians working with them. In Australia and internationally.


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Simeon Alva

Senior Product Manager

Simeon is currently a part of Healthengine’s Product team, on a mission to modernise healthcare, and he is a long-time member of the Perth Product community. Simeon has recently started with Healthengine and he believes that is is very exciting to be a part of the evolution of healthcare! He loves to create value for people and organisations and is passionate about Product. Additionally, Simeon possesses significant experience working with Product - leading multi-disciplinary agile teams and broad business management skills from a prior career in the Banking Industry. 

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Simon Jennings

Group Manager, Platforms (Core and Clinical)
Silver Chain Group

Simon has extensive experience within the public and private health and aged care sector with over 15 years’ experience across the UK and Australia. He is a strategic thinker with a strong connection to practical planning and has led many major clinical software implementations. He has also defined and delivered technology strategies and architecture. Simon has exceptional clinical / care staff engagement expertise with a strong understanding of health and aged care operations across multiple settings. Alongside his main role running the key applications, data and integration teams at Silver Chain, Simon also lectures at Curtin University in the field of Health Informatics and Digital Health.

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Dr Tracey Wilkinson

Director Stakeholder Engagement WA

Tracey has over 13 years' experience in the Medtech, Biotech, Pharma and Digital Health (MTP) sector across research, start-up and tech transfer roles. Currently Director Stakeholder Engagement WA at the MTPConnect WA Life Sciences Innovation Hub, she works to accelerate growth of the MTP sector in WA and Australia. Operating at the interface of government, industry and the research sector, Tracey loves to build connected communities and support innovators to translate their innovations into real-world outcomes. Tracey co-founded an award-winning bioinformatics analysis start-up prior to completing a PhD in bioinformatics at the University of Melbourne.