Optimisation of biodegradable polymers for plant pots



Veratin Limited is a publicly listed company (NSX:VTN) developing high value, innovative products from raw waste wool.

In Australia there are over three times as many sheep as people. Australia is a leading grower of wool world-wide, accounting for approximately 25% of the market. However, not all this wool is suitable for the textile industry leaving an abundance of low grade wool with little value.

Veratin works with local farms to purchase low grade wool that appears to have little value. We use green processing to transform this wool into sustainable high value products.

Veratin’s first commercial product is a liquid fertiliser and soil improver: Verigrow. We are currently developing other products from the same technology platform, including liquid keratin, keratin-based gels, medical drug carriers, amino acids and peptides. These products will be marketed for use in natural sunscreens, skin and hair products, gels, drug delivery products and peptide supplements. There is also the potential for residual material to be dried and pelleted for on-sale to the poultry industry as a feed supplement.



With the first commercial products already well established in the market, Veratin has a range of products in development that are expected to find application in agricultural industry, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, nutraceutical industry, poultry industry and functional foods industry.


This project will involve preparation of different biopolymer formulations and testing the properties of different biopolymers, and this will further inform development of biodegradable polymer that can replace plastic in several products.


Veratin is ideally looking for candidates with the background in polymer chemistry and experience in experimental techniques to analyse polymers, or those that have general chemical synthesis knowledge. 

Desirable technical skills include Infrared (IR) spectroscopy, Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) and mechanical polymer testing.


  • 7 weeks placement

  • In-person engagement