Fetal Monitoring Device



VitalTrace are developing a new technology that keeps mothers and babies safe during labour and delivery. It provides continuous, accurate data about the baby’s status during labour, which allows Obstetricians to make informed decisions about management, intervening only when necessary and allowing mothers to birth in the most natural way possible.





The VitalTrace team has multiple project
opportunities, depending on the skillset and suitability of the applicants. There are at least three major scopes of work available, although the project need not be limited to these areas, depending on the team. We would ideally like to arrange a single multidisciplinary team, working to a single goal.


We are ideally seeking candidates with the following skillsets:

  • Electronic engineering

  • Software engineering

  • Biomedical engineering

  • Clinical research expertise (ability to conduct market research,  qualitative interviews etc) 

  • Chemistry, electrochemistry and/or biochemistry expertise

Students will gain invaluable insight into applying their specific and general skills developed during their PhDs whilst working in teams to commercial timelines and priorities. They will learn how to balance doing great science with a  lean start up methodology. They will practice valuable communications and teamwork skills.

Mother Holding Baby Finger